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Hey guys! This is a bit late but entertaining all the same. Here is an interview I did with Showbiz Shelly and Julian Jumping Perez on B96. Enjoy!


My first cooking segment was awesome! I had so much fun with the ladies at WCIU. They kept saying I was cute and they drank my sangria the entire show. I have to get those glasses back because they are my roommates... All in all it was a great time. We kind of rushed through the slaw but the directions are included below. Enjoy!

Here is the rundown:

The Food: Fish Tacos w/ Cucumber Slaw

Fish Tacos:
-3 white fish fillets (tilapia works best)
-Garlic Salt
-Black Pepper
-Chili Powder
-Shallot or Red Onion
-Olive Oil
Instructions: Squeeze fresh lime juice over the fish. Season with all of the seasonings (taste and go, recipes are for suckers!). Place fish on hot well-oiled grill and cook for about 2-3 minutes on each side until done.
Slice 1 cucumber and one seeded jalapeno into matchstick sized portions. Add minced shallot, 3tbs of olive oil and 2 freshly squeezed limes to a mortar and pestle and work until shallots are incorporated into the liquid. Add seasoning to taste. Mix in 1tbs of mayo. Add dressing to cucumber jalapeno mix.

The Drink: Hot & Dirty Sangria

-1 cup white wine
-1 oz tequila
-2 oz jalapeno Syrup * (see below)
-Fresh Lime Juice
Incorporate all ingredients in shaker and serve over ice.
*Jalapeno Syrup: Bring one cup of water and one cup of sugar to a simmer. Add in jalapeno and let steep.
Full report at this site


Finally it’s summertime in Chicago. You already know where to find me, outside getting it in on my grill. In honor of my first blog I figured I would go big and share my secret recipe for my famous grilled chicken. So pay attention and enjoy.
The Food: Erryn’s Finger Lick’n Chicken & Chimichurri Sauce
I have to be honest about my chicken recipe. It’s not even mine… My boy Derell was the first one to show me the trick with the mustard way back in college. However, I have added my own flavor profile to it so I can take a little credit. Here is everything you need:
-Chicken Quarters (drumsticks work too)
-Black Pepper
-Garlic Salt
-Cajun Seasoning
-Cayenne Pepper
-Ground Ginger
Here’s the deal. I honestly have never measured any of this out. Coat the chicken in mustard (don’t get crazy with it, just use enough to cover the meat). You want to be generous with the garlic salt, Cajun seasoning and cumin. Dust all of the other ingredients lightly over the chicken. Adjust the seasoning according to your taste but the basics are all there. Once the chicken is seasoned place them on a medium grill.  Cook the chicken low and slow over charcoal, it should stay on for at least an hour.
The sauce:
-Olive Oil
-White Wine Vinegar
This sauce is simple but awesome. Traditionally a chimichurri sauce would have some parsley in it as well but I went all cilantro for this one. Roughly chop about a half a cups worth of cilantro and add it to a mortar & pestle. Add 4 diced cloves of garlic, 1 cup olive oil, salt, pepper and a splash of white wine vinegar. Grind until garlic and cilantro are incorporated into the sauce. Taste and adjust. (you can use a food processor too, the mortar and pestle is just cooler)
The Music: Revive by R.O.E. (Rising Over Envy)
R.O.E. is a local Chicago rapper that I had the chance to see at a street fest a couple of summers ago. Dude raps with a live band, it’s pretty tight. He puts out real hip hop and I respect what he is doing. The song goes hard too so I figured everyone would appreciate it. Check him out: http://www.risingoverenvy.com/

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